please suggest about LIC ULIP: Profit plus?

Please suggest about ULIPs….?
I have invested 1,60000 annually( 160000*5=8lakhs) in LIC ULIP: Profit plus plan for 5 years… could anyone give me an idea about after 5 years how much i will get the returns…. as my agent suggested i will get 10 to 11 lakks around for this invested 8lakh money…. is it true? please sugegst if i get the good returns then will continue after completing 3 years otherwise will surrender……I have invested in jan 2009…… please suggest…

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  1. ULIP are never a good investment as they charge heavily on initial investment (1st, 2nd and 3rd year and after it a fix % every year). As you have already started it so i wll suggest to stop it after 3 years but dont withdraw this money as you may not get your invested amout. Wait for atleast 6-8 years to get a good return.

    Best for Life insurace is to get pure insurace (1400 per year for insurace upto 10lacs). And invest rest of amount in MF + PPF.

  2. ULIP Profit plus is nice plan for investment and to get more money in short period. If you invest 8 lakh for 5 years than according to the market, the NAV of your shares will change, but it is not guarantee that it will be more than you invest or less. So if you feel that the money you are getting after 5 years according to your NAV is more and satisfactory than you can withdraw and closed the policy or you can continue it. But in my opinion you should keep it upto 10 years. And about the profit after 5 years, if the NAV is great of your share than you will definitely get upto 10 to 12 lakhs.

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