Please suggest a LIC or other policy as per the following requirement?

I want to take 2 Child polices with p.a. premium of 15000 of each, maturing one-by-one at 20 years from now onwards. I am presently 32.
Requirement is ‘Whole life Cover me my child’ and ‘Good return on the above mentioned duration’. Please suggest any LIC or other policy with assumed %return on maturity. I am open to take distributed policies

Please suggest a LIC or other policy as per the following requirement?
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  1. u may take ICICI smart kid ULIP plan or Traditional.
    Traditional gives u assured reutrns and ULIP vary with share market.
    u run smart kid plan till ur child not become 25 of age.if u take these plan then must kno also abt RIDERS of these plans.

  2. You are doing 2 mistakes.

    1. Mixing insurance with investment. This is very costly. Check the charges & study the impact of those charges on your return. Always save through PPF / MF & insure through term insurance.

    2. taking 2 plans & paying for it is useless.

  3. Hi Suhas

    I suggest that you raise the term to 26 or 28 years depending on your age of retirement in present job. This will reduce premium amount or you can opt for higher cover at same premium.

    There are several whole life cover like Plan No.2, 5 or 149 (Jeevan Anand). Please take insurance on your life (earning member) and not of children.

    Contact a good agent who can understand your need and give a good combination of plans.

  4. I believe there are various alternatives in considering a whole life policy. Over and above that, you must look at guaranteed returns. Pvt. companies also have whole life policies, but the problem, there is no one to guarantee their own existance for whole life !
    We discuss various alternatives in detail on 9967280006 or on [email protected]. Things may vary based on age of child and who is to be covered.. parent or child. Plus if its a girl child, things change a bit again.
    There is a lot to discuss which cant be put here !

  5. i’m advisor of icici pru …SB already told u abt child plan that is smart kid which is best plan in the market …..this plan will fulfill your dream towards your child….

    for maore detail u can contact me with your name and cell no.
    [email protected]

  6. Listen Listen
    Good Question Max New York Life Insurance Company will provide you good service, good return than other company and Questest Claim Paid
    1) “Life Partner Plus” Plan is great plan this plan is guranted 212% rerurn , and all your need is cover in this plan 15000 rs pay 20 times…
    2)”Smart Step Plus” plan is great Unit link plan this is more return u never thik… and pay 20,000 rs OR OR other plan is Smart Assure
    this both plan is enough for u and your family and both kids u never have to buy and more insurance,…. more insormation contact me and read Money outlook magazine for Max New york life company swept first numbet in slow,medium and quick fund first number return so Contact Max new York Life Agent Adivisor and Begine your Life Greater than some people Best of Luck

  7. I suggest you go for SBI LIFE  as it offers various plans which will fetch you an assumed 12% returns .If inetrested you may contact on mobile No,9867714929

  8. ICICI Prudential’s new ulip smart kid plan with riders also. U get more then 30% return at the time of maturity. I can’t write u detail. Plz sms me ur add. or mail me at [email protected]. I will send u full detail and happy to help u. or u can see details on web site, If u take thies policies through me. u would be able to get discount also.

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