3 Replies to “Please suggest a good money back policy with in 15 years in lic .?”

  1. Dear Ajay

    If you have any commitments and do not wish for any long term commitments, I suggest you the BIMA BACHAT policy for 15 years for a Sum Assured of Rs.1,00,000.
    You have to pay a one time payment of Rs.74,832 for the age of 23 years and on completion of 3rd,6th,9th & 12th years you will get Rs.15,000/- each and the premium paid will be returned on maturity. And all these 15 years your life will be covered for Rs.1,00,000.

    If you do not wish to pay one time payment, then write to me for better suggestions.

    good luck
    [email protected]

  2. Hi dear how r u its very good that u have invested in insurance sector. and u also think about ur future.if u r intrested to invest in money back its not better for u its a comparison for money back and ulip also.and u will get 100%tax rebait also

    ———————- Money Back —————- — ULIP

    Term ——— 15-20 and 20 —————– – 10 to 40
    Premium Pay ——- as per term ——————— 3 yrs.
    Pre. not paid ——– lapsed —————————-Conntinues
    surrender chg. ——–58% > —————————— Nil
    money back ————4-8-12-16-20 yrs.————– after 3 yrs
    intrest rate————–1.25 to 3.50 —————— 20 to 51% pa
    risk cover —————50,000 to 1 Lac ————–Lac minimum
    Tax rebait—————10% to 100%——————–100%
    Money back policy is not good according to me. Invest in BAJAJ INSURANCE CAPITAL GAIN POLICY if u r investing till 14 sep. 2007 other wise plz invest in unit gain plus . your amount get 20 to 51% rate of interest every year. At the end of 20 years your money back policy will get you around 2 lakhs for one lakh insured policy, while your money plus or capital gain policy of bajaj allianz will gives you RS.30 lakhs which is best you decide?
    don’t invest ur hard earned money just for getting it back the same amount in money back insurance /investment scheme.
    Smartly invest ur money in ULIP (unit linked insurance policy )
    giving u high returns.most of lic agents propose u only the tradition plan where they get maximum commission and not the ULIPs . So better invest in ULIP.

    Now if u want to get rich in investment in ULIPs u can mail me
    for an opportunity to earn more

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