Please help on income tax. Is it necessary to show alimony received?

I divorced this financial year and received one-time alimony from my ex. I am a working woman and demanded the money becase my ex understand only the language of money. It is my understanging that onetime alimony is not taxable. If this is correct, do i need to show it in my tax return. I dont want to show if that is valid? Anybody with good knowlege on Indian IT, please answer this question. Thank you.

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  1. Alimony is a capital receipts and hence not taxable under income tax act 1961 under any head of income. It has even not specified under the head “Income from Other Soruces”
    Under this head only dividends, interest, winning from lottery, crosswrrod puzzeles, horse races, card games, rent from machinary etc are taxable. Interest on comensation is also taxable under this head.

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