Please comment on this mutual fund portfolio.?

I intend to invest in mutual funds through SIP. The funds and the corresponding monthly SIP amount (in Rs) are as follows:
HDFC TOP 200: 2000

Please comment on choice of the funds. My aim is to remain invested for approx 20yrs. In all cases, growth option is implied. Do you suggest any changes in this portfolio to minimize risk and maximize return?
After reading the responses, I have some more questions to ask:
1. Why should one be interested more in midcap funds rather than large cap funds?
2. What is wrong with having more than one dividend yield fund?

Please comment on this mutual fund portfolio.?
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6 Replies to “Please comment on this mutual fund portfolio.?”

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  2. That is a really bad idea.

    You will pay huge fees, and lose your investment as the stock market continues to decline.

    Buy gold, then wait five years and see what happens.

  3. First of all hearty congratulations for not only opting for SIP mode but also for long term.
    About your MF portfolio,
    No problems with Tax gain ( as its ELSS)
    HDFC TOP 200 is also good.
    But keep only one of the dividend yield MF.
    And please go for any mid & small cap MF and go for GOLD ETF ( if you dont have gold in your portfolio)
    If I am planning to put 10000/- pm, I will put it this way.
    Divide in 4 parts
    1-Large Cap MF
    2-Mid & SMall cap MF
    3-Gold ETF

    This is my personal view.
    Lets hope my answer helps you.
    With Regards,

  4. All your funds chosen are good funds and it is really good that you are investing through SIP. But what is important for you to understand that you should be investing according to a plan. I am not sure whether you are following any such plan.
    All your funds are equity diversified, so if your core investment has to be in equity diversified funds then why have you chosen five such funds, you should have restricted yourself to about 2 funds only.
    Secondly, 100% portfolio is in equity, you must bring debt funds in your portfolio too to have an hedge against volatility.
    You may also invest a small part say 10-15% in aggressive funds as your investment horizon is long and you can afford to take risk.
    i am an AMFI certified Mutual fund advisor and can be contacted at [email protected] or 0120 4224336 for further advice.

    Swarup Mallik

  5. Your core investment should be in large cap funds. So out of Rs 10,000 at least Rs 6000 – 7000 should go in large cap funds.

    So you can go for the following 4 funds

    1) HDFC TOP 200 Rs 3000

    2) DSPBR TOP 100 Rs 3000

    3) Reliance Growth Fund Rs 2000

    4) Birla Sunlife Dividend Yield Plus Rs 2000

    Visit to learn more about mutual funds. Regarding tax saving funds – invest only when you have to save tax under Section 80 C . Opt for dividend pay out , because of the lock in period. Sundaram BNP Tax saver / HDFC Tax Saver / DSPBR tax saver are better rated funds.

    Always look at value research ratings ( 5* OR 4 * )

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