Please answer me, how to activate my atm card at first?


I have an account on Corporation bank. How can i activate my atm debit card?. I have tried to withdraw in Axis bank at first. But it was declined. Now what else to do ? How can i activate my card?

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  1. What I would suggest you do is first try and go to an ATM that is the same company that you have an account with. Insert the card and enter your PIN number. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to activate your card. Some cards require that you call a toll free number from your home telephone number. When you call, a computer answers the line, and checks the caller ID, verifying with your phone number on file. and still others might require you to go into the bank branch itself and talk with a bank teller.

    I would suggest trying those things in that order. If nothing else, the bank can possibly send you a replacement card. Maybe this card was demagnetized.

    And that’s the best advice I can give.

  2. Card activation process is done by the bank not by yourself. After it is done then you just have to follow the directions of the machine to get cash in your hand.

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