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  1. There are quite a few options u can opt for tax savings.
    A) Tax saving Mutual Funds (“MF”) –> which comes with a lock-in period of generally 3 yrs. i.e. you can not get back your money within 3 yrs. from the time you put them into MF. This is a Highest return given option and also the riskiest one.
    B) Fixed Deposits (“FD”) –> put a money in a bank FDs which are “Tax-savings” for a fixed tenure (generally 5 yrs). You will get cumulative and safe interest.
    C) LIC –> Life Insurance Corporation of India. You must be knowing about this. It is advisable to secure your life against any danger. There are various plans provided by LIC out of which you can opt the best suited one.
    D) PPF –> Public Providend Fund, same as normal PF which a Salaried employees possess. Difference is it is a scheme for a tenure of 15 yrs and you can withdraw the amount only once and that too after 5 yrs. You can open a PPF accnt from any SBI branch or Post-office. You have to make sure to have atleast 1 entry per year i.e. you have to deposit atleast a minimum amnt (Rs. 500/- I guess) atleast once in a year to continue healthy scheme.
    E) NSC bonds –> National Saving Certificate bonds are available at Post-offices. You will get safe return on this after a fixed tenure.

    These are the widely used investment plans now a days. If you are a risk taker then go for 100% MF, if you are a moderate risk taker then go for 60% MF, 20% PPF and 20% FD and if you do not want any risk then go for 100% PPF, FD and/or NSC. I would suggest to secure your life with LIC along with other investments.

    Hope this will be helpful to you. If you have any further query please let me know.


  2. hi i have invested in insurance policies from icici and hdfc…but thinking of changing them soon..but i can suggest u somethin else…if u r in chennai…u can contact my friend whos a consultant for these kind of things….his number is 97860 44555-his name is ragu…chek wit him he can give u some idea

  3. SBI Magnum Tax Gain or Sundaram INP Pribas Tax Saver or Pricipal Tax Saver. any of these 3 are good. dont put your money in too many Tax saving funds. rather choose 2 best funds and put your money.

  4. hey all the insurance polices,mutual funds,national savings…come under IT section 80c for rebates.but insurance is the sector whose gains are tax free.now a days you can opt for ULIPs where you get benefit of both insurance and mutual fund together.i would prefer you to go for ulips of HDFC standard life as the company has transparent to you.

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