4 Replies to “please advise me the best health insurance policies for family?”

  1. Health Insurance plans of Max Bupa and Star Health are doing extremely well.

    Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First Plan is a good comprehensive health insurance policy for an entire lifetime and for each and every member of the family possible. It also covers one for an entire lifetime and guarantees a peace of mind till the last day in his life.

    Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan is also extremely popular as it is a complete health insurance policy for the family which covers medical expenses incurred by a person due to any illness or injury. There is a considerable saving in premium as the entire family is covered under one policy with single sum insured.

    However, Health Insurance should only be purchased after understanding the requirements of your family like:
    1. How much cover is required
    2. What additional features are required.. like accidental cover, critical illness cover, network of hospitals for cashless facility, TPA, etc.

    To choose the best health insurance plan for your family you must compare and choose the best

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