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  1. yes it is very good amount
    no problem in that

    selection of mutual fund depends upon your age, and risk appetite you can bear with

    at lower age go for diverisified funds like hdfc top 200, hdfc mid cap oppurtunities, dsp blackrock, reliance etc. such that risk gets lowered and money grows

    at higher age u have to protect ur capital which u have earned at early age. so u have shift to balanced funds life hdfc prudence etc.

    sip is best way to invest in mutual fund. you get advantage of rupee cost averaging.
    if nav’s go up, u buy less units and vice versa
    the only thing you have to bear it in mind is discipline
    and no matter what you have to invest in sip. Period.

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  3. Hello
    I think MF can not give you a good return or can give you a loss. You should invest directly in shares which are preferred by many of analysist on business new chennal.