6 Replies to “Pl. explain the benefits of LIC of India?”

  1. LIC is best co for insurance. In case of child plan you can go for money back as you get some amount after certain yrs this will help for the child education. You can log on to licindia.com and check for the agents near your area by entering pincode.

  2. LIC is dependable.
    Endowment policy is always better.
    More often than not, money that come from Money Back Policies are in bits and pieces and gets spend.
    Agents will try to sell Money back policies as they get a better commission.

  3. if you need money after specific time interval u should go for money back & u need money after 15 or 20 years u opt endowment type
    komal jeevan is best policy for children it give money as child attain 18 ,20.22 years.

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