4 Replies to “pl adv on Franklin India high growth MF?”

  1. I do not believe the fund has been around long enough to have established a track record. The name itself gives me the shudders. High Growth to me means extra high risk. In general Franklin Funds do not have a stellar record of performance. They are about average. If it were me, I would instead pick Franklin India Bluechip among the Franklin offerings. But for all around good results look instead to HDFC Equity. Relatively low risk and relatively excellent results. Give a fund about 3 years to prove itself before risking your money with it.

  2. In my opinion the scheme is good for long term.It is definitely a high risk fund with higher rewards. Obviously more returns in stock market is more risk. Though the scheme is new in the market, the sponsor Franklin Templeton has a credible record of managing some well performing schemes. The fund is managed by Siva a person with high credentials. The scheme mandate is to invest in high growth companies and I believe there is very big opportunity for the indian investor in this consistent and high growth companies. Resulst should be good if one can stay invested for atleast 2 – 3 years.

  3. Better give most equity instruments and mutual funds now a miss. Things are extremely overvalued. Companies with no fundamentals are being proped up by operators and companies which are supposedly high growth can be nothing but accounting gimmics.
    Please be very careful while investing now a days. Banks give 10% pa return. This should be enough

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