phone number 01203885100

a phone from 01203885100 came to me on 22-12-2012 at 5 pm. he told me that a lic policy in your name is on my table for bonus and asked me to give the details.
i want to know that is there any provision from lic to ask such question from the policy holder?
as i have no insurence policy at present so i told them the fact.
but i have a market plus should i have to give the details?

phone number 01203885100
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  1. LIC NEVER calls its customers for such verification before giving bonus. If you’re eligible for bonus, they will add it to your policy themselves.
    These are fraud calls. Generally, they want to verify the pesonal details of the policyholder, which they get from some database and after 1-2 phone calls, they will sell one more life-insurance policy to the customer by giving false promises.

    There have been numerous cases of such frauds in last couple of years.

    NEVER give your personal details on such phone calls. The insurance company already have all your data.

    I suggest you must read these 2 articles.

    You’ll get the idea what I want to say.

    Hope it will help you.

    1. dear sir , thanks for the reply. I was also aspecting the same.
      I have given you the phone number of the caller. may i know what action LIC is going to take against such fraud person.
      you must do some thing againt him to save others.

      1. LIC is not going to take any action against that caller. Do you expect such quick actions from Govt. Department. Forget it.
        Still, if you want, you can send the complaint to LIC, IRDA, Ministry of Finance for action and wait.
        This number is on net now and will be there.

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