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  1. My advice is that all the pension plans in the market offer minimal returns.

    Please use alternative modes to make assets that will give u periodic returns on your retirement. Real Estate rentals is a good option.

    You can use money back policies to get lumpsum at age 55-65, which you can then use for your needs.

    ICICI or any other private insurance provider is anyway on my personal black list (esp. ICICI), because their payout record is not out in the open yet – only their premium collection
    (and they do have policies that cost more than LIC at lower benefits. You just have to read the fine print to find that out)

    Even if you do decide on a Pension plan, please use LIC and not a private insurer.

  2. Hi Kabeer,
    You have been given the wrong information that it is enough to invest for just 3 years. You should consistently invest over a 15 year period i.e. till ur age of 50 to get the best returns.
    Investing for 3 years and then discontinuing investment is allowed but it is not in our interest. Insurance Agents in order to sale their products use this technique.
    To know more about Pension Plans you can get in touch with me on [email protected].
    You can be assured of correct financial advice

  3. So many pension plans are available with LIC the central government organisation, where your money is safe and get returns with guarantee.

    You may write for more details to [email protected]


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