Paypal won’t let me use my Mastercard?

I want to purchase a laptop on ebay for my boyfriend. costs around 800$. The seller is only accepting paypal. so I joined paypal last week. I added a Debit MasterCard. Paypal deducted 1.95$ and asks for the code as usual. The code was nowhere to be found either on card statement or pass book. I met the bank manager, he said there is no code in entire transaction detail. Now, I purchased a VCC to get my paypal verified. I verified my account. But when I try to purchase again it says “enter 4 digit paypal verification code”. Its been a week and I just don’t know how to complete payment. What should I do?

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  1. Link your bank account to paypal, that’ll verify you and since you’re using a debit master card it shouldn’t really matter.
    Also I suspect that your bank manager is lying, as was mine. The 4 digit code looks like this: *1234 PAYPAL
    And as far as I know they now debit the amount of your card rather than credit.

  2. The passcode if I remember correctly is the total amount of the of the transcation they did with you IN the Verifying PROCESS. What is a vcc, verified credit card, you purchased one? Is that a prepaid credit card, pay pal doesnt allow those sorry. Go back and try to enter the total amount of the transaction and see if that works. Im pretty sure that is what I had to do. If not you can call pay pal and ask them whats up.

  3. Paypal is an internet based company. But you still don’t have internet banking? I suggest you do the full thing so you’ll never need to see your bank manager ever again.

    But anyway, you can send this guy the money via bank transfer. Unless he’s so dense he’s afraid of it, in that case you could deposit the money straight into his bank from a branch of his bank.
    Failing this, find a better seller, someone that’s not dense.

  4. you say “I verified my account. But when I try to purchase again it says “enter 4 digit paypal verification code”.”

    then you did not verify your account. Look, it is quite simple, 4 digit paypal verification code is in your statements. That’s it, look in the statements. Get internet banking or wait for your statements.
    Failing this, give up and walk into a shop.

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