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  1. Typically survivors only receive a portion of the pension not all. With out a death certificate the total pension was deposited. Excess will be removed or have to be returned.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    1. The spouse (your mother) can receive only some part of the pension depending on the organization policy. Mostly around 50%
    2. Since your father passed away in Dec 2010, and you received the death certificate after 4 month. In the interim period of those 4 months, the a/c must have been credited with the full amount of pension. So your bank is right in saying that they will need to revert back the amount of pension in excess to what your mother is eligible for.

    You can check out this website for more information


  3. Are you asking about government pension? or Pension policies of Financial companies.

    If govt pension, spouse will get 50% only and hence bank is right in deducting excess pension. Spouse is the only nominee to get pension, not children.