Income Tax on Profit from Shares?

My father had invested around 3 lakhs in the shares of a Private Limited Nursing Home in 1990. The present cost of the shares is around 30 lakhs. After the death of my father, the shares were transferred in the name of my mother. If the shares are now sold, will my mother have to pay any income tax on the profit? If yes, what are the possible ways to evade it?

Can I book a property with only Katha B?

I am planning to book a flat in Bangalore. But the builder is saying that it has only Katha B.
Is it safe for me to book this flat?
Can I apply for Katha A after taking possession of the flat? Or is it the builder’s responsibility to give Katha A while handling over?

What problems I may incur if i but a flat with only Katha B?

Please help.


Can i buy the property?

A person own a land which is bought by his mother in 1943. Now he is willing to sell the land. But his 2 sons are not allow him to sell. But he said that this property is his own by the way of his mother (if the property is coming from his father then only it is ancestral property) so he has all the rights to sell without the consent of his sons.

Can i buy the property without the consent of his sons.
the property is in india and we (seller & buyer) both are Indians

Loan Against Property?

I’m planning to apply for Loan Against property since I have Debt,But my cibil rating is not good since I have few bounces in recent times.My property value is around 90Lakhs.
Will I be able to get the loans inspite of bad cibil rating??