How to trade in Currency Futures in NSE, INDIA.?

I am trader of NSE INDIA, trading currency futures, USDINR / EURINR. But i am unable to make profits due to various reasons. I want to know what are the events affect the currency futures and where i get the information? For example, If trade in NSE CASH, we know any change in inflation/ interest rate decision will affect the market. Like this. Pls help me.

Is the chart obtained from NSE India correct ?

When I take the chart of Nifty futures from NSE India, I feel there is some difference comapred to ICICI Direct. For example @ 12:15:13,
the nifty future 25 Jun is 4635. But the ICICI trade screen price is different shoing 4634 Why Such a big difference . IS Time price chart of Nse wrong ? Which is the Authority ?