Original documents of property owned by my father have been lost, how to get that it registered on my name?

My father had a plot in a city. We lost the original property documents. How to get the original documents for selling of that plot. Everyone is asking original documents. Is it possible to get original documents. If not possible, can I get registered the plot on my name so that we can sell it. pls give me early reply

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  1. You can get certified copies through your local tax collector/assessor.
    The documents alone are not going to allow you to sell the property. You would also need to show that you have a legal right to sell the property.

  2. As others have pointed out, the information should be available down at your county recorder’s office. This is general knowledge.

    Where you’ll run into issues is how to get the deed in your name.

    I am assuming that your father is not available to sign those documents over to you, but did he leave a will/living trust or a quit claim deed in your name? This is the stickler.

    If he did not, but he left the property in some other persons name, such as your mother, than she may be able to sign over documents to you.

    Even though he might not have willed your mother the property, in some States property is considered “community property” in which case she may have the right to that deed.

    Whatever it is, your main concern should be how to get the deed or your name. Finding the County recorder’s office should be easy enough to find via 411, internet or calling your County Courthouse.

  3. You don’t need any original documents. Presuming the deed to you father was recorded, a copy of the recorded deed can be found at the county recorder’s office. This is the official who keeps track of the chain of title for all real estate. If your father is selling, the title company will note on the title insurance policy that the property is validly in your father’s name after researching the records at the recorder’s. this is why the recorder’s office exists. If the deed was never recorded, you have a problem. Transferring it to you is meaningless as there is now a break in the chain of title. He will have to file what is known as a quiet title lawsuit. By doing this, there will be a court judgment showing that he is the owner of the property.


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