Online Bank Transfer by HDFC?

I do not have a Credit card, could anyone please tell me if I can still make “Online Bank Transfer by HDFC”.
I need to make Online payment of fees to a person holding an account in HDFC.
How can I do the same either without holding an account in HDFC or not holding any Bank’s Credit card.

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  1. For Online Bank Transfer you need to have some sort of account like Savings / Salary account / Current Account with HDFC Bank. Then you need to apply for Netbanking facility with Third party transfer facility. There is separate application form for it . Then you can do Online Bank Transfer . You dont need any credit card for this .
    Just open an account with them.

    Yes, if you mean Online Payment for anything purchased from the Net or making online payment of fees or air ticket / railway ticket payment for online purchase of ticket , you can make on line payment with any credit card . you dont need HDFC Bank Credit card.

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