Omg…!!! should this have happened…!! plsss hellppp? no 1 is answeringg !!!?

ive been chattin wit dis guy for over a month… we have met 2wice and jus sat and talked..!!
once he told me he wanted to meet me… and give me a kiss… i was kinda nervousss cause i hadnt kissed any1 before…!!
then 2day i met him… he asked me wat i felt about him.. i told him dat i like him and im kinda attracted towardss him…he asked me whether he could kiss me… buh before dat he told me dat he jus likes me as a ggood friend nthin elss.. he loved a girl and he still cannot get over her..!!
i dnt want a relationship now cause i wana concentrate on my studiess…!!!
it was raining and he took me to a corner and asked me whether he cud kiss me… i said yes.. and we kissed..!! it was amaziinnggggggg πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
is it right????? should i do it again.???? pleaseee helpp πŸ™

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  1. Good grief you must be a princess by phrasing your question like somebody died! πŸ™‚

    He kissed you! what a more magical thing to ever happen to a young person! so do it again if you liked it πŸ™‚ YES!


  2. you sound young, don’t take things too far. you only have talked to this guy for a month. if you want to you can do it again, if you feel mature enough.

  3. The next time he wants to kiss you, tell him that he can only do that when he’s totally over that girl and he’s in love for you, otherwise, never think of it!

  4. Is it right? I guess unless there is something not right like BIG age difference or something. It sounds as if he is slowly getting over his previous relationship and that he likes you. Do what you think you should do.

  5. There is nothing right, maybe what he meant by saying that he likes you as a good friend and nothing else and that he loves a girl and can’t get over her means that he wants to be with you but he can’t commit himself yet and he wants you to know that…
    It means there is potential for a future in this relationship, there is nothing wrong with doing it again!
    There is nothing wrong with doing it, you are both mature and you are both not ready for a relationship but if you like him make sure you are there for him so that when he is over this girl and ready for a relationship he will go for you!
    All the best!

  6. As you mentioned above, he is still in love another girl. And you know it!
    Now you like him for who he is. If you like him go ahead, but also make sure you will not hurt yourself.
    Your first priority should be YOU, then your studies and lastly him. Always I repeat always keep him as your last priority. Because if he cannot get over that girl, then you will be in trouble.
    There are lot of men in the world, if not him, you will get another may be better than him!
    Keep your options open.

  7. Hi there,i can understand how u must be feeling,i have been to the same situation but bit different case well i found out many different and nice ways to come out of this and m sure i can help you out with the same feel free to contact me on i will be waiting for your reply on my mail..hope to get in touch with you soon. πŸ™‚

  8. he already told that he loves some one,,then why did he kissed you? he is just taking advantage of you.. dont continue any sort of relation with him..go on with ur studies when time comes u will meet ur soul dont make ur self impure by kissing who ever u meet…wait for ur one……….

  9. He is already in a relationship. Dnt let him make use of you. It’s starts with kissing but it could take to next level. He is not going to choose you over his girlfriend. Stop contacting him, study first and everything will come to you.

  10. yes tis absolutely rite….u shud hav done dat thousand tyms over…no worries…n wheres nopone answering?u hav got fifteen fucking answers!!!!

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