NSC vs term bank fixed deposit interest rate?

What is the current interest rate in NSC?
Which is recommended for 80C tax exemption and why?
1. NSC by Post office (6yrs)
2. Term deposit by banks (5Yrs).

Which bank is giving better interest on term fixed deposit (80C tax exemption).

NSC vs term bank fixed deposit interest rate?
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  1. The best rates of interest on fixed deposit are offered by old private sector banks (like Lakshmi Vilas Bank, City Union Bank, Dhanlaxmi Bank, and certain new private sector banks like Yes Bank ). Term deposit is better than NSC. For senior citizens banks offer extra one percentage over and above the card rates. All the banks have their websites and interest rates have been displayed. If the fixed deposit is in excess of Rs.15 lacs, banks offer special rates that are normally higher than their card rates.

    By card rates, I mean displayed rates.

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