NRI Income tax to be paid in India?

Hi, I am NRI employed in Singapore, Recently i am in India branch on long project work.
I will also be traveling back to Singapore and some other countries at least once a month.

I am still paid by Singapore employer to my Singapore bank account.
I dont earn any thing in India.
Do i need to pay income tax in India.

4 Replies to “NRI Income tax to be paid in India?”

  1. Your status as an NRI will remain unaffected if you choose to be out of India for more than 180 days.
    You need to pay against the Income earned in India only, and if there is a Double Taxation Agreement, you will get the credit for the Tax Paid.

  2. First you should check your residential status in India as per Income Tax Act 1961. If you concluded that you are resident in India then your salary income is taxable in India but you may claim relief in tax according to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with your native country.

  3. It appears that you have visited India earlier. Since you are here for at least 182 days in the current financial year, your status will be that of a resident but not ordinarily resident, Therefore, salary earned for services rendered in India will be taxable but you will be entitled to relief under DTAA in respect of the tax paid in India.

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