One Reply to “Nowdays Scope & growth for carrier in Mutual fund sector or in Banking Sector ?”

  1. Mutual funds have fallen out of favor with most investors since the advent of ETFs, which are traded like stocks. Unless India has not caught up with the rest of the world and still favors (or still only has) mutual funds, opportunities there can be expected to shrink. Eventually India would probably catch up if they’re behind, so even if there is demand for personnel in India’s mutual fund industry now, do not expect a long and lucrative career.

    The banking industry is facing yet another round of mass layoffs pretty much worldwide. HSBC is laying off another 30,000 in the US, plus more in other countries, especially throughout Europe. India might be bucking the trend at present, but cannot expect to continue to grow in opposition to worldwide trends.

    If you are age 12 or over, and profess an interest in these fields for a future career, then you should have been keeping with world news over the past few years. A good reading of the job market in these areas does not require even a bachelor’s degree, just daily reading of national and international news reports. Any 12 y.o. who pays attention should be able to get some grasp of the situation, especially if they think they are smart enough to go into such industries in the future.

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