7 Replies to “Now a days Pvt Insurance Companies offering various ULIP schemes promising good returns. Are they safe? ?”

  1. IRDA gives licence to operate insurance business in India. The companies cannot cheat you simply. But buy the right product for yourself. The insurance executive must be unselfish in guiding what you actually need.

  2. my advise is not to go for ulips. they charge hefty percentage as adminstrative charges and hence are not worth it or economical mutual funds ( equity ) are a much better option.

  3. What do you mean by safe?
    Investments in ULIP are market linked and therefore risky. People who have invested in ULIPs in Jan 2008 have lost more than 30% of their investments.

  4. Well the important thing is the fact that returns are not guaranteed.

    Depends on your risk apetite. As per law, people can show returns of 10% p.a.

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  5. you can taken ULIP from private or govt company.

    no problem, before that u check the following importent things…

    1. what happens if u do not pay in second year and third year premiums ….did u get any returns or not ?

    2. what will be surrender charge after 3 years lock in period ie if u want to with draw partial or exit from the fund what will be the charges deducted by the company? ..ie called surrender charges..{ any how after 1o th year no surrender charge in any ULIPs.}

    3. what is the past grouth of company ulips …{ it may not same in future but consistancy of returns can tell us the company standards..}

    4. Is there provision to continue life cover till 100 years of age with out any further premium investments after 3 rd year…?

    5. is there provision for making systematic with drawal ? so that we can draw money like pension in future, when we require.

    6. what is allocation charges Fund management chares etc…. { sya one company tells zero allocation charges , when other deducting 25% charge how it can be possible ? the answer is the second one deduct 6% of fund valu every year from fund ..which is not ther the person who charge 15% on initial payment}

    7. conform the mortality charges also while opting risk cover ?

    this may give some idea to choise best ULIP ,most of all the above points i like SBI ulip u compare with others too..

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