Need to have personal insurance ?

I am 36 yrs old, having monthly income 25K.(planing for a 20 yrs policy)
I need a good insurance plan, also expecting to invest in Ulip, Nav, sip, mutual fund, Endowment …..!!! I don’t have any idea about this.
pls help me out to have life plan & investment plan
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  1. I have an idea only

    i am not a professional certified financial planner

    i can give you some basics

    first we will cater to your insurance needs,
    Always and always go for term plan only
    do not invest in ulips

    term plan means you pay a premium only for the purpose of insurance and not as a tool for investment like ULIPS
    around 15000 rupees per year will insure you for around 50 to 75 lacs of sum assured
    so its very cheap
    secondly write down your annual or monthly expenses on paper where actually you can understand what your expenses are.

    For e.g. health insurance, life insurance premium, diesel/petrol, car insurance, travel/vacations, family expenses, groceries, education etc.

    get yourself a financial goal as what amount is required at what period of time

    once you get to know your savings that is net salary – expenses = savings, you can find out how much can you actually invest

    invest as low as 500 rupees in SIP in equity based mutual fund can make a considerable difference as compared to not at all
    considering over a period of time these mf have given around 15% of returns

  2. AVOID ULIPs , Endowment.


    Visit and calculate the premium yourself.

    Have a look at their online policy , increasing cover policy & critical illness riders.

    Their rates are one of the lowest.

    For mutual funds visit

    Invest only via SIP in the top rated funds on this website.

    Your core investment must be in large cap / balanced funds.

    Avoid sector funds & NFOs.

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