Need suggestions for good investment.?

Hi every one..
I wish to have some suggestions regarding investment of around 3 Lac’s which can give me a good growth in future & could give me some monthly gain as well.
P.S. I am a Working married girl, living in Gurgaon.

Need suggestions for good investment.?
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  1. Dear Neha
    It’s a good plan to invest surpulse money for secure your future . Well in this regard , i just want to say there is so many option to invest your money as per your veiw and present position . If you want take risk and high gain then you must go in stock market and your choice will be the bule chief share as well as in pharma and software and banking sector , if you have no clear idea in stock market then you may be go for in a good mutual fund or sip . As per my view I shall sugest you as a salaried person you must invest your money in PPF a/c upto 1 lac next 1 lac in good mutual fund or sip or recurring a/c and balance in FD now it @9.25% or in share market as your choice .

    Have a good day , Thank You.

  2. Post Office Deposit enabling monthly/quarterly interest payment [ put in 3 different accts, so that you can withdraw in case you need a bulk amount.]- is safe. keep the required one for interest coming to you, the rest in a cumulative interest scheme- it grows with time, the former gives dividends. both are safe.
    If you are for more, seek advice for alternatives- high return can result in unsafe capital !

  3. Hi neha Open a PPF account in SBI invest 1 lac which is max u can do in a year but every year u need to continue to put some funds on the same for 15 years which will give u a good amnt .rest 1 lac put in NATIONALIZED bank for 5 years FD since u r working let this funds serve for ur future purpose.if u havent covered for mediclaim ins do it now..

  4. neha ji use this corpus to invest in MIP of mutual fund div. option deliver regular monthly income of rs 2200+pm app ox+ corpus is also grow
    all corpus is on non locking U can withdraw all in one go as u invest call anil 9971634522 GZB

  5. Go for a PPF A/c in SBI, and some good SIP’s
    They are the best and the easiest, don’t go for high risk and the complicated ones, specially if you are not that much in to finances n all.

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