Need some investment ideas please?

I want to invest 15K per month. I would like to know the options. Please let me know some good schemes with good returns. I do not want to invest in stocks and mutual fund please.

Need some investment ideas please?
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  1. I would suggest that you contact a local bank which offers structured deposits with principal protection.

    Basically, this is when you commit the money for a specific time period (usually 3, 5, or 10 years), and allow the bank to invest it various funds. You will get compound interest that’s significantly higher than a savings account, and a large payout upon maturity. Committing $ 15k over a 5 year period, for example, can yield $ 50,000 in most structured deposit schemes.

    Unlike investing in stocks yourself, a structured deposit can include principal protection. This means that in the worst case scenario, the bank will “call” the deposit; the scheme will be terminated before completion, and you get back your principal.

    The risk in structured deposits is if the bank calls the deposit when it’s close to maturing. For example, if you put in $ 15k for 4 years, and the bank calls it before the 5th year, you will only get back $ 15k, which is a loss due to inflation.

    You can read more about structured deposits here:

    Alternatively, I suggest looking into Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). A REIT is a group of individuals who invest in property, without being an actual real estate company. Property is considered one of the most stable long term investments (there will always be more people and less space!)

    However, most people don’t have enough capital to invest in building an apartment block or office building (your $ 15k, for example, won’t cut it). Hence, REITs allow private investors to get in on the property market, without needing a lot of extra leverage (borrowing).

    The danger of REITs is illiquidity; property is not like stocks. You can’t sell a building the second prices start to drop, as you could with ETFs or shares. This means that if you invest in a REIT and it starts to depreciate, all you can do is wait it out. The property value will recover (property always does), but it will take much more time.

    Good luck!

  2. No Mutual fund investment ???? (confused)

    Well equity is one of the excellent option if one is consistent in investing and can able to give return of 15-18% if one start investing in SIP mode

    for safe option go for bank recurring deposits, but fixed investment option they can’t able to beat the inflation.

  3. Invest in mutual funds take 5 SIP of each 3000 rs and invest in different type of funds example
    reliance pharma funds
    hdfc MIP
    hdfc top 200

  4. I think you can consider ULIP as an investment option. Generally ULIP plans gives you the option of long term investment with better returns and they are same as your general life insurance policies. If anything happens to you in between then your family gets whole income benefit. So, I think investing in such a plan will be good idea. You can also go for Mutual fund, as mutual funds also gives good investment returns. But, remember what ads says, Mutual fund investment are subjected to market risks. so, think smartly before investing into anything.

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