Need investments advise?

i am planning to invest 100000 evey quarter for next 3 years ..and i would like investment advise. i like to diverse my investment in FD, mutual funds, lic for purely insurance and rest. i am 29 years onld now married. the ideal time of investment is 10 years for now .. i would not take the money out for first 10 years. i would like my returns when i am 45. so that i would get some constant income after 45.

pls adivse

Need investments advise?
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  1. Talk to a Financial adviser. That’s all the help you’re getting here. Don’t take unprofessional peoples advice for your own sake. I hope by 100,000 you don’t mean US dollars? because that’s a lot of money you’re putting on the line for online answers.

  2. Dear Arun
    This is not the time to invest in the market unless you have good experience in it. And getting a good advisor is not easy (most of them are just sales people…selling their product/service)…so beware!!
    I would suggest look for some good piece of real estate which can give a positive cashflow. also…the returns on the FD & the like would not even be equal to the investment (forget the appreciation) if you consider the inflation
    I would suggest read some Financial book & gain knowledge. I would suggest author Robert Kiyosaki. also visit

  3. Your first instalment put in ETF in Gold, Second one Fixed Deposit with Bank, Third one with Mutual fund or in some good A group shares such as L&T, Reliance Industries, ITC, SBI, BHEL, or in diversified in all the above shares. Then you invest in land may be a good property in a decent locality, may be on a later date you may even construct a house for your dwelling and the future instalments of investment for constructing a house or buying a flat in metros.

  4. First of make sure you have adequate risk cover. Take a term insurance cover which could be 6-7 times roughly of your annual salary. Take a decreasing coverage term insurance if you have home loans or like long term debts. Take Health insurance to cover hospitalisation and similar expenses.

    Now to investments – You can have a 50-60% allocation to equity and rest to debt. For equity choose diversified mutual funds as core holding and mid caps funds as supporting ones to give turbo boost once the markets are up. For debt you can choose debt funds, gilt funds or FMPs from mutual funds or you can use FDs. Remember the interest from FDs are taxable at ones tax slab. For debt funds, you will have to pay 20%indexation benefit or a 10% whichever is lower. So the ceiling is 10 %. You can also use your PPF account to build a retirement corpus. It gives a 8.5 % and is a safe investment compared to others.

    Note: The allocation are all approximate figures arrived by 90-your age formula. The actual allocation should be depending to your needs. First note down your goals then arrive at equity-debt allocation.

  5. financial advisers are sales people who sell their products giving many promises and upon investment they deduct portion of the your deposit as their service charge and later your + or – will be calculated based on the market condition.
    In these tough times, having cash in a investment that’s is accessible to you easily when required is the key point. if in MF, stock market, RE, much difficult to access funds when required as we market is still fluctuating due to down-turn.
    Pl, do your home-work completely safe guard your money and investment.
    if your requirement of the fund is not immediate and can afford to look back at your investment after 2 years, it’s a good choice to diverse between MF and FD. Now NAV’s of MF is low prices but you have to do home work to find best one’s and where the future is heading. As you can see IT is going slow as it ruled for about 10 years. next big thing to happen world-wide will be Green Energy. To grow your fund you have complete home work like past, present and future and invest accordingly either with FA or your own.

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