Need Health Insurance for Family (India)?

Hello Guys,

I am 23 years old & I have parents of age as following

Mom – 43 yrs
Dad – 60 yrs

I need health insurance for our family & I am not married yet.

My purpose for health insurance is to cover hospital expenses for my parents mostly with coverage of 2 lacs rupees.

I have no idea what I should opt in for.

I also want to know whatever premium I pay, is that wasted in case we haven not utilized it or we will get some of it back.

What will be more beneficial Life insurance or Health insurance

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  1. Hi,

    Most of the health insurance companies offer the benefits which you’re looking for. Companies like Apollo Munich, Reliance, Oriental, Bajaj Allianz and ICICI Lombard are few of the companies who are preferred by a large number of customers.
    Now your premium depends on …….. a) your choice of company and …….. b) amount of cover opted by you

    For E.g. Reliance Healthwise plan covers 60 days Pre hospitalization, hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization cover. it is a very competitive plan and can be taken for family of 2 to 4 as well.

    Any hospitalization due to accidents are automatically covered. However, if you specifically need accidental benefit then you can take a special cover for Personal accident insurance plan.
    Health Plans from Apollo and ICICI Lombard are equally competitive and come with a good benefit structure.

    After understanding the requirements and analyzing the needs, you can choose and compare the best health insurance plans online and purchase the same through our website

    Rupanjali M

  2. Hi,

    Insurance should not be looked at as a way of investment. Insurance should be taken in the true sense of the term – risk cover. Hence you must look at policies that suit your needs the best which would be an affordable premium, ability to withdraw sums of money before the maturity date and in which the claim process in the simplest.

    To check if the claim process is the simplest, look for insurers who have in house cell to process health insurance claims. These in house cells eliminate the TPAs (Third Party Administrators) form the claim process that speedens the process. One such product is the Future Generali Health Suraksha plan. The claims are processed by the Future Generali Health cell(FGH).

  3. For your parents take a policy from STAR HEALTH INSURANCE Co.

    For yourself , take a mediclaim from THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE Co.

    Regarding life insurance cover , go for PURE TERM COVER for yourself , preferably from AEGON RELIGARE. Visit their website.

  4. To your first question, yes your amount would go waste if you do not need it.

    to your second question, life insurance is considered to be better than the health insurance.

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