8 Replies to “My wife was just instituitionalized for depression an attemped suicide. She has $10,000 in credit card debt?”

  1. She is your wife and you are responsible, but I would speak to the collectors, let them know the situation, and see if you can’t negotiate to a lower amount and stop the interest from building. Set up a payment plan with them and don’t allow your wife to have ANY cards when she gets out.

  2. First, try to set up a payment plan that she can afford.

    If not a possibility, then she should declare bankruptcy.

    If your name is not on the accounts as a cosigner, you do not have to pay the accounts.

    Her circumstances are sufficient to necessitate a bankruptcy.

    I don’t know what your financial situation is, of course if you have the money you “should” pay the bills for her, but if you don’t, then she is perfectly within her rights to discharge the loans.

  3. Were these joint accounts or in her name only? I would consult with a bankruptcy attorney. They would be able to answer these questions.

  4. Whoa — Whoa — if your name is not on the account for the credit card and it is only in her name. You could be an add on to use the card and not the legal owner.. She is responsible to pay –not you. Tell them to call the hospital — she does not live their any more.
    To verify owner ship call the credit card company and ask… The other way is that if the monthly statement has only her name and address — your not the owner…Call the card company — if it is her social security number that this card was issued. You do not have to pay.
    Mater of fact close the checking account — take the cash pay bills with money orders… No joint saving accounts either. Nothing is joint anymore to save your financial buttox

  5. If YOU signed for the accounts, you have been responsible for them all along. If you did not, you are NEVER legally responsible for them. HOWEVER, if you and your wife hold ANY assets jointly, her half of those assets is liable. If you wish to keep the house, you may have to deal with the debts. It is EXTREMELY unlikely a credit card collector will actually force the sale of a house because, even if they secured a lien, they would have to pay the first mortgage to get the title.

    Assuming your name is not on the cards, inform them that even discussing the accounts with you is a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (US Federal law). This notice should be given in writing by certified mail if possible. You could also try getting caller ID and simply not answering their calls. Your phone company may even allow you to block their call so the phone does not even ring.

  6. If the accounts are not joint and you do not live in a community property State like AZ, CA, ID, LA, NV, NM, TX, WA or WI you are not responsible for the debts.

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