4 Replies to “my wife is having some amount in fixed deposit but does not have any other type of income. My question is tha?”

  1. how did she get the FDs made if she has no income ?
    the assessing officer will ask u this question
    and as for the interest income income . it is taxable if it exceeds the max limit of exemption allowed to ladies ..
    also check the age criteria for 65 yrs age limit

  2. if d interst paid is mor dan 10,000/- dan yes ul hav to pay d taxes. to avoid submit form 15G( avail wit bank) and copy of PAN card or keep deposit t in small amount so dat d interst doesnt crosses 10000 for dat single deposit also make sure wit d bankers were u r bankin.

  3. Max.exemption limit for ladies is Rs.1.80 lacs & if the interest is below this amount,she need not to pay tax.Bank will deduct TDS @ 10% if the interest exceeds Rs.10,000/- p.a. & PAN no.is given.To avoid this you can give declaration on form 15(G) available with the bank alongwith photocopy of PAN
    no.If you don’t furnish your PAN no.the TDS @20% will be deducted by the bank.

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