10 Replies to “my taxable income is coming around 63000/-.Kindly provide some ideas to avoid this.?”

  1. Without any knowledge of where the income is coming from it is difficult to give you any tax avoidance advice.
    Common things to look at are investment accounts and pension plans. Additionally you could consider trusts and investment schemes for your children.

  2. Since your taxable income is less than the thershold limit of Rs. 110000, so you do not need to pay have any tax on it.Moreover you can reduce it by making investment in LIC, fixed Deposit, but there will be no affect on payment of tax, as your taxable income is less than RS. 110000

  3. Best way is to invest into PPF, or in ELSS( equity linked saving schemes) through Mutual Funds…..

    There is no other good way in respect of these two…..

  4. Very simple gentleman.

    You apply full physical power and stop the coming taxable income around 63000/-.

    Ghanchakkar! put a right question to get the right and serious answer.

    Always income is earned or received but it never comes as coming in your case. No one asks as how to avoid taxable income but all (throughout world) wish to avoid Income Tax on Income.

    Moreover 63000/- is Rs. or else.

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