5 Replies to “My friend opened an ICICI acc with Rs 3000 before 3 month. He took back Rs 1300 using ATM. Will they charge.?”

  1. it depend on account term and condition how much bank give u minimum balance limited and also what kind of account if it student account bank dint charge.if it general saving account and below minimum balance bank will charge.

  2. It depends on what type of account he/she has. In any case you have to have a min. balance that you can check with the customer care. They review the balance sheet every three months and check for min. balance , if it is below than what was required they will charge you some money, other wise they wont.

  3. There is a minimum quarterly balance should be maintained in all banks. Better suggest your friend to open a sb account in ing vysya. where there is no balance maintaining, free 2 lakhs insurance coverage. and beauty of the account is any where atm, any bank atm & any where in india he can use. no charge.

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