my fatherinlaw had a land property in tamilnadu how to find it?

he missed all the documents and survey number too and he could not identify the land as it was entirely changed since he bought during 1965s. now how can we find out the land?

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  1. You Can’t. Forget it and go back home.
    Its like you lost a child but you don’t no his name, face or age. How could you find it?

  2. gather some information through his friends & relatives of his town or neighborhood. Spend some time in the town where he did the purchase. You will get some clue. Try to find our the year of registry and try to get the List of Lawyers who used to support that time. In 1965 there was not much property sold like now. Surely you will get the information if you go personally to that town itself.

  3. If you know at least the village in which the property was located, you can approach the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) with some details collected from elderly friends of your father-in-law. He will identify the particular piece of land and its survey number.

    Once you get the Survey number, you can apply an Encumbrance Certificate in the jurisdiction registrar office. Then you will get the Document number and date of registration. Once you get that detail, you can apply for a certified copy of that particular document from the same registrar office.

    I think that will solve your problem.

  4. If you know the month and year you can find out. Consult a document writer outside that court in which the records are maintained.
    If it was an agricultural land you can contact the patwari and get the nishandei and fard copy from him, In nishandei the property is marked and in fard you will get the record of your property. Patwari will take some money for the work.

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