4 Replies to “my father transfered the shares of our flat to my name in 1993. he expired in 1997.now my only sister claims?”

  1. 1. The transfer was made more than 3 years before he died, so there shouldn’t be any gift in anticipation of death or other hang-ups there as long as the transfer or Quit Claim Deed was properly completed and recorded.
    2. Your father’s estate should have been through Probate long ago and no issue was raised, so that matter of his will & estate is long settled.
    3. Claims are subject to statute of limitations, and whatever the specific SOL in this case, counting from either date of transfer (16 years ago) or date of death (12 years ago), she must be years and years outside the realm of SOL.

    Tell her to go jump in a lake, fly a kite, or however you prefer to phrase it. In fact, you can chew her out royally for her belated explosion of greed, avarice, and being a general pain in the a$ $ .

  2. You have to mention whether your father property is self acquired or ancestral in order to give you any legal opinion.
    Advocate,High Court,Chennai

  3. If the share in flat is a self acquired asset of your father, he has every right to dispose it of in the manner he likes. He can even give it to a charitable trust as gift. It cannot be questioned by anybody. If the share in the flat, is transferred to you, you can enjoy and your sister cannot claim anything as her share in it. If the ownership of the share of flat had come to your father as an ancestral right, she will also have a right in that property.


  4. I would say she is well beyond any statute of limitation to dispute anything at this point – if she had any issues – she should have brought them up when Dad died – not 12 yrs later

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