5 Replies to “My father Nominated in his saving bank account but died of heart attack do i need to take brothers signatures?”

  1. Your Bank manager is idiot. Approach him again if he does not behave , approach his seniors. Once you are nominated none consent is required.

  2. The Bank Manager is right.However,the account will be credited to your account only as his nominee. You will have to obtain the signatures of your Brothers to enable him clear the account to avoid any future legal hastes.You will have to obtain Probate from the court for this purpose as an executor Try to settle this amicably to avoid legal issues.which will hold the settlement for ages..

  3. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has held.. once again,,, that a Nominee is merely a manager// custodian.. rather than a legatee// owner.. the said nominations merely act as channels for easy payments by the banks etc.. but do not make the nominee a owner.

    It is incumbant upon the nominee to disburse the amounts// assets among the legal heirs

  4. nominations are always matters of disputes between party and payer.banks raise this because they know legal hurdles are cumbersome. your father should have put your name as joint holder. lawfully, you take their signatures and if theywant equal shares for that, you should ethically comply with their demand. even if you were only heir, bank can ask you to bring succession certificate.

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