7 Replies to “My father died and left a property in his name with out specifying a will. Does father’s mother has a share?”

  1. Most countries do have intestacy rules, which dictate who gets what if somebody dies without a will. Usually, what with probate and lawyers fees and all, most goes to the govt anyways.

  2. Each state has it’s own way of dividing property left without a will. I’d be surprised if she did, normally it’s the spouse and any natural children who split the estate.

  3. most probably yes .coz ur dad is the only hope for ur grand mother and now she lost him also , so to take care of her herself she will be given a share ……..intern try to be nice to ur grandma atleat till the case ends …

  4. See in India, you can get a certificate called Legal Heir. This certificate is the proof that you and your mother are actually your dad’s family. There is also a certificate called succession certificate. These certificates make you the legitimate successor of your dad’s moveable or immovable property.
    And coming to the share. See you(or your mother) have to file a law suit against your grandmom. And if the judge agrees then your dad’s property is yours. Its not that tough, simply get a good lawyer.

  5. In India succession law in Hindus is provided in the Hindu Succession Act,1956 according to this Act the Class 1 heirs entitled to the property of the deceased Hindu who died Intestate (without leaving any ‘Will’). The Mother,wife/widow,sons, daughters, predeceased son’s heirs,predeceased daughter’s heirs of the deceased are covered under this class & hence in this case the mother of your father has legal right to get one share in this property.

  6. Your grandmother being a Class 1 heir is entitled to 1 share of the property. Even Indira Gandhi got 1 share of Sanjay Gandhi’s property.

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