3 Replies to “My annual salary is 4.5 lacs. How much will be the take away if provident fund and tax is deducted from it ?”

  1. If your Gross Salary i.e. 10500/- the following calculate the allowances.

    You are calculat the basick 2/3 time i.e. 7000 is basic
    balance amount is the following calculation:-

    Professional Tax 1% of Gross
    P.F 1% of Basic Pay
    Medical 9% of Basic Per Month
    House Rent 45% of Allowances on balance after Basic salary.

  2. You must to tell that how much your Basic Pay.
    You have to pay tax on your Basic Salary as well as if you have some extra earning you have to pa on that.
    You can have relaxation if having some PPF account or some other government approved saving plan. This is not good to share all information so I would suggest you that contact some of the good Tax helping adviser like http://www.advancedtaxrelief.com/ and get the benefit in tax saving.

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