6 Replies to “My Annual Income is 7.8 Lks. I am planning to buy a plot. How much home loan will I get? What will be the EMI?”

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  2. friend , the housing loan is depending upon your age. if ur age is 40, your repay term is 20 years ,age 45….term 15 years. age 50….term 10 years . i think your repaying capacity for month 15 k to 20 k. your loan amount is 18 to 20 laks. but your annual income is 7.8 laks,your eligibility is 45 to 50 laks. please chek the EMI calculatar through internet.

  3. The simplest calculation to know your eligibility for any home loan is your annual income multiplied by 5, in your situation you are eligible for an loan amount of Rs. 3900000,00 (Thirty Nine lac). I would also suggest that you do the RnD prior to investing into real estate, with your EMI payment capability I would suggest not to burden yourself with more than Rs. 2500000,00.

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  6. Your eligibility based on the annual income of 7.8 lakhs is about 35 lakhs. But if you can spare only 20K towards EMI you may end up with 21 lakhs!

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