mutul fund protfoloi details?

where do we find mutual fund portfolio details ? which mutual fund investing in which stocks/debt instruments ? Should the mutual fund disclose this information ? If so where do we as investor can see it ?

mutul fund protfoloi details?
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  1. The company that runs that mutual fund will publish a prospectus and updates throughout the year. Look at the latest prospectus and you can find what percentage is in stocks, bonds, or cash, and what stocks make up the largest holdings.

  2. Annual/Semi-Annual reports have the entire portfolio listed. Every bond, every stock, etc. Funds are only required to publish that data twice a year in these reports. Typically you can get a quarterly or monthly fact sheet that would have the top holdings in the fund and a sector break down. General strategy and objective information will be in the prospectus. Try the fund’s website or call their customer service.

  3. The company that runs the mutual fund will publish a prospects which will give you a break down of the funds holdings, performance, etc. .

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