mutual funds to invest?

i want to invest in mutual funds. please gives me names of different fund names of different category in which i can invest
which one will be benefiacial one time investment or SIP
thanks in advance to all who pay attention

mutual funds to invest?
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  1. HI,
    I am not a consultant/ a broker nut as far as I know,

    The fund that u select depends on your requirements like tax saving/ financial planning / income .

    It also depends on your age as that will give you risk that you can opt for(if your age is less go foe equity diversified schemes else you can opt for deat schemes ).

    SIP will be a good option .it will give you cover over fluctuation’s in stock market.

  2. Do your asset allocation plan 1st. Within your plan, you decide how much you want in stocks, bonds & money markets. Then within your stocks, you divide it amongst large caps, mid caps, small caps & lastly international.

    VTSMX – Vanguard’s Total Market index
    VGTSX – Vanguard’s Total International Stock index
    VBIIX – Vanguard’s Intermediate Term Bond index

    I happened to pick Vanguard funds here. And I went with index funds. But they also have many fine managed funds. Fidelity and TRowe Price also have many excellent funds with which to build a portfolio.

  3. To know about the different categories of mutual funds and some of the best funds in their respective categories currently visit:

    SIP’s are always better than one time investment because they bring in a disciplined approach to investment and also it is not very heavy on our pocket. a small amount every month can help us build a big corpus a few years down the lane.

    Mail me at [email protected] if you have any further queries

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