Mutual funds in India ?

I want to invest in Mutual fund…….and, I want that mutual fund which has least risk and good profits……….I have so much Reliance mutual funds…….So, plzz give me the list of the mutual having least risk and Good NAV ??????

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Mutual funds in India ?
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  1. Dear reader,

    problem with mutual funds is that, they are not gods, they also have some limitations & they also get losses in trading.
    They give very tiny profits to investors.
    Its better to buy Gold ETFs or Real Estate, Land.
    In Gold ETF, buying & selling is easy. Its backed by real gold. You can redeem or sell it.
    Around 1.5% monthly returns. Which is not constantly given by Mutual Funds. Thats truth.

  2. It really depends on your investment objectives. There are many good mutual fund schemes and you need to choose a scheme that best suits your financial goals and appetite for risks. For personalized mutual funds investment advice, I recommend you to consult GEPL Capital, a decade old brokerage firm that also offers professional mutual fund investment services. They will not only advise you on the best mutual funds schemes that fit your investment objectives, but also monitor and evaluate the performance of your existing mutual funds portfolio.

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