Mutual funds help me?

how much return can expect in Mutual funds in 1 to 3 months ?? or Mutual funds better than stock market ?? plsss help me!!!
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Mutual funds help me?
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  1. mtual funds should nt b purchased wit a aim of less than six months…
    choice between stocks and funds depends on risk appetite..higher the risk higher is the return n vice versa..
    an active person can choose shares bt as long term mutual funds are good n a better option would be large cap long tern investment

  2. Most mutual funds will follow your respective index for instance the S&P 500 for a large cap mutual fund or Wilshire 5000 for small caps. Look to see the long term return for your fund investment which will get your an idea of the return expected.

    A future return should be looked at as a probability which can also be negative but in most cases a 2% return can be expected and higher for more aggressive funds. Good luck with your investments!

  3. If you need the money in a few months the only mutual funds you should consider are Short term bond funds: In a rising interest rate environment you want to keep your duration on your bonds as short as possible. My recommendations on these funds are as follows:

    Janus Short-Term Bond fund symbol JASBX. This fund has never lost money in a given year. Year to date from Jan 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 this fund was up 7.37%

    PIMCO Low Duration bond symbol PLDDX. This fund has lost 1.58 percent in 2008 its worst year. Year to date from Jan 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 this fund was up 11.44%

    Stocks are out of the question.

  4. Mutual funds are the stock market unless you invest in a bond fund. Mutual funds provide diversification and less risk than individual stocks..Because of the risk and tax implications mutual funds are a long term investment. You should plan on being in the fund at least five years and preferably ten years.

  5. share market means
    you are playing game on your own risk.

    Mutual fund means
    you are sending some experts on your behalf, they will play in market, they will earn and give you return.

    if you don’t have experience of share market then give money to one good mutual fund company.

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  6. Mutual funds are for longer term holders. Most funds will charge you either a front end load to buy the fund or a back end load if you sell within 6 months or some funds, a year. Therefore, that fee will most likely cancel out any profit. For a term as short as 1 to 3 months, if you don’t want to invest in individual stocks, invest in an index fund via an exchange traded fund (ETF). They are like mutual funds (in what they hold) but are traded like stocks and are ok for short term buying and selling. Just use a very low cost online discount broker to buy and sell.

  7. ZERO RETURN – you do not buy mutual funds for 1 to 3 months. For that time period, keep the money safe in the bank.
    Mutual funds are (in) the stock market. This is pretty basic stuff. Do some reading on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investing, etc.

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