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  1. In India income out of mutual funds from equity linked scheme are fully exempt. Since equity scheme will not be for short term (say, minimum 3 yrs)

    Dividends are now taxed on companies, and not on the person who receives, so will not be taxed for dividends too.

    Hope i cleared,.

  2. There will be no tax liability on withdrawl of money from an equity mutual fund after one year as it is long term after 1 yr. The dividends receivable are also tax exempt as of now. But it might be taxabe 2 yrs from now @ a minimal rate of 5% as proposed in DTC.

  3. Equity funds are tax free for long term ( 1 year or more)

    If you sell before 1 year , you pay 15.45% tax on the short term gain.

    Dividends are tax free.