mutual fund?

mutual fund – Is it possible to redeem online, those schemes which have been purchased offline after change of ARN number? If yes, how off line schemes / certificates will convert to online form? Details of this process are required.

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  1. Why does ARN number comes into picture here( ARN is the Amfi registration number assigned toa distributor on succesful completion of the AMFI advisors module of NCFM)…the redeemable proceeds are concerned with the AMC and nobody else…you will have to contact the AMC for redemption. nobody has got anything to do with it.
    redeeming thru online depends on the AMC…all the funds will not have that facility…if u had told us which fund you are talkin about i would have help you.
    any ways…contact the fund house of that particular scheme….u can search in google to find the website..and look for phone numbers in that…call them and ask them….they will giove u full information reg. this..

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