Mutual Fund Portfolio Combination?

I am looking to invest in mutual fund from State Bank of India or ICICI Bank with portfolio in Debt Long Term, Balanced and Equity Diversified. Please advice the best combination with time horizon of 15-20 years. My financial goal is between 10-15 lakhs with SIP of Rs 1000-1500 per month.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Combination?
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  1. You need to diversify your investments atleast into two funds and preferably in two mutual fund companies as your investment is around 1500 per month. If you are looking for such long term investments then it is advisable to invest 1000 rupees in equity funds (large cap or index funds) and 500 in any gold funds. How ever the best the funds are performing now, you need to review them atleast once a year and decide whether to continue or switch to some other better fund. It is not prudent to invest in debt funds keeping your investment horizon in consideration. You can download any mutual fund application from or contact for more customized investment plan. You can get free customized advice from a CFP and get complete online portfolio management free of cost.

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