mutual fund ? pls suggest some good funds for investing who have bright future!?

i m new investor ! i m tring to invest in mutual fund ! pls give me some advise with good funds . pls advise those who have bright future with why they have bright future ? pls answer i m waiting ! thanks for evry one who will give me answer !

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  1. Not a good time to get into stock market. Mutual Funds are for people who dont want to learn how to pick their own stocks. If there was a Mutual Fund that actually made people money, then stock brokers wouldnt be sitting behind desks telling other people to buy it on a commission, they would just buy it themselves and get rich. I think you should learn the stock market and learn how to diversify by buying your own stocks, not mutual funds…and wait another year or 2 years before putting any money in USA stocks.

  2. It can actually be more difficult to find a good bunch of mutual fund managers than a single good company. Look for managers that have been in business since the last crash (87) and did well during recessions. Proven funds over time is what you are looking for in reliability and some (many) are funds that did well only during bull markets. Anyone can manage a fund when it doesn’t matter what you invest in. Go with experience and reliability over a broad range of conditions and you will be fine.

    Just remember that by their very nature, Mutual Funds mitigate their own returns and mediocrity is always the outcome.

  3. Something like 17 out of more than 2000 mutual funds have posted a positive return this year.

    You’re better off investing in gold and silver and mining stocks to combat the coming wave of inflation.

  4. This is the right time to enter into the financial Markets. Now that the market is bottoming out to new lows day by day, every one may be suggesting you not to enter into the market. But what “Warren Buffet” says is “Be afraid when others are Greedy and be Greedy when others are afraid”. When the Market bounces back, as it will definetely do, may in a couple of months time, the first sector which bounces back is the “Large Cap Sector”. It is a good idea to enter into the Mutual Fund industry particularly if you are new to the Financial Markets at the right time and with the right advice.

    We are a TEAM of professionals suggesting the right plans for all our clients. Feel free to contact us on [email protected] or on 09390606628, Name : SUNIL

  5. Best fund to invest in this time are :
    1. Reliance Regular saving fund
    2. ICICI Pru Infra
    3. S BNP P Select focus
    4. DSPML Top 100 Equity fund
    ELSS Schemes:
    1. S BNP P Tax saver
    2. Principal Personal Tax saver
    3. Fidelity tax advantage fund
    4. SBI Magnum Tax gain

  6. Just Wait !! Market will come down still…
    Have an eye on sensex below 10000 & then start investing in mutual funds…since market will bounce back from there (may be it can rally down in between 8500-9000)
    Choose any DIVERSIFIED MUTUAL FUND for safety, benefits and market returns.

  7. First of all,

    i want to tell you that you have to invest at that time when
    the market down
    because then you get more units.
    and when market become up then you get more benefits
    basically your benefit upon on your units.
    more units=more benefit

    YOU have to invest in SIP scheme.
    in S.B.I OR Reliance mutual funds.


  8. Hello.If you want to insure yourself and your family,it is a good option.But if you want to grow your money,then it is not a good idea as insurance is basically to insure yourself of money.This is the Era of Specialisation and insurance and growing money are two different fields and one should try to avoid both in one scheme(in case of ULIP).If you want to insure you and your family by taking life insurance,mediclaim policies,see to it that you consult a financial advisor and not just an insurance agent or anybody because every family is different and their insurance needs are different.Hope you understand this.
    My advice for your long term investment would be these fund schemes.These funds are Equity linked and have delivered good returns when the market has gone up and sustained the bad periods of the market since its inception.Hence they are the proved ones.They are tax free for upto 1Lac rupees invested in them.Equity linked Mutual Fund earnings are Profit (or) Loss earnings and not interests (or) fixed income earnings as in case of Balanced (or) Debt Funds.Try to invest in 3-5 schemes if you can to diversify your portfolio.They are 1)SBI Magnum Global-G(Blue Chip),2)SBI Magnum Contra-G(Midcap),3)Franklin India Prima Plus-G(BlueChip),4)Sundaram Select Midcap-G(Midcap),5)Reliance Vision-G(Midcap),6)HDFC TOP 200(BlueChip),7)HDFC Tax Saver,8)SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus-G(BlueChip),9)SBI Magnum Taxgain-G,10)HDFC Equity-G(LargeCap)
    You may invest in any of these funds for your long term plan(above 5 years atleast) and you will surely get good returns.Remember invest 60% of your investments in Bluechip funds and 40% in midcap funds for a safer investment and minimised risk portfolio.Bluechip funds invest in companies which are large and the best and sometimes in Medium sized companies aswell.Midcap funds invest in medium sized companies only as they can fetch excellent returns on profiting.Also remember that do not trade mutual funds like shares by buying a scheme one day and selling it of next week.If you have already bought some schemes and if they are performing well,then dont sell them off until they start performing badly.Some people also think that if the NAV of a fund is high you should not invest.This is also wrong.Mutual funds are not shares that if the NAV is high it has reached its limit.Infact if the NAV of a fund is high it means that the funds past performance has been excellent and it has given good returns.So don’t listen here and there.Invest carefree.Remember the power of Mutual Funds lies in giving it time and not in timing the market.It can covert your money into multiple folds the more time you give it with less risk as time goes on.Even then if you are worried about timing the market then dont invest all your money at once.Spread the money which is needed to be invested in 12 months and invest.Although Systematic Investment Planning(SIP) is a good option but I feel the previous idea is much better for persons who have money to invest right now.SIP can be taken by people who want to invest regularly from their monthly income and want it to make a habit of investing money regularly to reap benefits after longer time(10-20 years).Like this the timing effect will be minimised.For investing in mutual funds one does not require a demat account but nowadays the agents are misguiding people to open a demat account before investing in funds for their own benefit of comission.PAN Card is required only and only if you are investing 50,000Rs or more in mutual fund.Otherwise it is not required.If you are thinking that you are too old to give your investment,think again.No time is too late.Just start investing from today and you will never regret time.My sole intention is to create awareness among the investors and make their investments a success.Hope you do well.

  9. I want a mutual understanding on this fact that there is no future in any of the stock related stuff so forget about the bright or dark.

  10. Don’t Invest your mony in any mutual funds get sum land and do a real state buissines this is the best investing root and its an a bright future to you

  11. First, time is correct for you to buy some good funds . Second , decide how much you want to invest. Third , decide what amount of returns you want . Banks give 10.5% a year now. You decide whether you want a little more than that or much more . Fourthly, decide whether you want to quickly get some profits or you can stay invested for some time. Write down the answers and choose any fund accordingly. All funds go up and down. Once a decision is made then ask any expert or investment company the type of fund you should choose.
    It is like you going to a shop. You choose the right price range for your shirt , the material ( cotto or synthetic) , the right design and and colour . Then you choose the right size , try it on and ask the attendant whether this fits ! You got it.

  12. pls visit which will give u valuable info on mf. pls select their 5 star rated funds. five star rated funds does not mean high returns, but decent returns with min risks. also, as u know equity markets r down n volatile right now n probably will stay like this for quite some time. so pls be careful b4 investing. it depends on yr risk grade.

  13. your question is like when market recover or how much return i get on mutual funds, For this even finance minister cannot answer. So if u ask the question which the best funds, every mutual fund house tell that there products are the best. Investing in mutual fund do has its own risks. Normally each fund is bench marked to some index. so depending upon your risk appetite u need to choose u r funds. i.e, how long would u like to stay in the fund and when u get into the fund can stay little longer if ur target return is not achieved.

    Mutual funds are basically categorised as three diiferent type funds, i.e, Equity. Debt and Liquid funds,

    Equity funds have capital risk and r volatile.
    Debts funds have interest rate riskl.
    liquid funds do not have any risk. (provided that india does not go into deflationary economy)

    hope u got an answer, i,e, u need to evaluate u r risk then it will be easy to know ur self the best funds.

    For more details u may contact [email protected]

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