Mutual fund investment?

I want to invest in mutual fund. brief me in what way it is best other than RD. Is it worth?. If so which is best. I wish to have SBI mutual fund. Is it fine or which one is good. If so what is the minimum amount from which I can start. What are the guidelines to be observed while having these. Kindly advise me in deep.

Mutual fund investment?
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  1. ADVICE. Google Mutual Funds and educate yourself to the nth degree. I mean read about the funds what they do how they have performed over time and then KNOW that you contribute weekly/monthly and through thick and thin you leave the funds alone. If you haven’t the intestinal fortitude to not panic when the markets lose 100 or far more per day then put the money into a nice bank account CD.

    Sure I can give you the names of the ones I have and still use over the years but that is a fool’s game and hopefully without your own research you will not take advice of specific funds here without THROUGHLY investigating on your own.

    GOOD luck and education in this areas is your friend not your enemy!

  2. Definetly, mutual fund investment investments are bettern than RD, while you are investing LONG TERM. (more than 3 years and GO for SIP only). SBI mutual fund is best option. SBI magnum contra, SBI magnum multiliper plus are having long term record.
    Simply donwload the appliation & SIP autodebit form from the website, fill it and send it to the Registrar of the mutual fund along with first installment DD + self attested photo copy of the pan card.

    The minimum amout is Rs. 500/-

  3. In the long term equity has given the best returns.

    All investments have risk. In equity it is obvious. Let us say you invest in a RD with a bank. You will get a return of 7 to 7.5 % . Your money is practically safe. But if your expenses are rising @ 10% every year , your money is growing negatively. This risk is not seen by many. Ideally therefore you should invest in all avenues. If you are young , a major portion of your long term savings can go towards equity related avenues. As you get older , the amount you invest in equity can be reduced gradually. Not investing in equity at all , you run the biggest risk.

    Direct equity is the best. But if you are new to equity , start with SIP in mutual funds . Later on you can graduate to investing a portion in direct equity. Visit to understand mutual funds. Invest in the top rated funds ( 5* OR 4*) on this website , preferably large cap funds like HDFC TOP 200 / DSPBR TOP 100 . Avoid NFOs , Sector Funds. Invest via SIP for 1 year. Check the performance & rating before renewing.

  4. I think the way market is fluctuating these days it is really a difficult question to answer.We all know that the market is highly volatile and it has proved it in the past few weeks.
    Thats why it is always better to consult some expert like mansukh when it comes to taking any decision related to the stock market or mutual funds because these experts can give the best advice or suggestion.
    Best of luck

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