mutual fund investment?

i would like to invest rs.50000 in a good diversified equity mutual fund.but is it advisable to invest in mutual fund during this financial prices.

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  1. I would advice that you go ahead and invest. The market is already low and the stock prices have also gone down. So what you will be getting is a MF at a low NAV and when the market turns around (9-12 months) you will see the growth. My advice go for it, but yes find a good fun that invests in infrastructure and other growth area related stocks.

  2. John Bogle: Retired CEO and founder of The Vanguard Group, a mutual fund company.

    John Bogle was asked “just how much does a fund company make from investors who hang in there for the long term.”

    John Bogle shed some light on that saying; “So that’s 65 years of investing. If you invest $ 1,000 at the beginning of that time and earn 8 percent, that $ 1,000 will grow… to around $ 140,000.”

    He continued: “Now the finance system – the mutual fund company in this case – will take about 2.5 percentage points out of that return, so you will have a net return of 5.5 percent and your $ 1,000 will grow to approximately $ 30,000 to you the investor.”

    Another way to put that is, you only made a gain of $ 29,000 over 65 years where you could’ve had a gain of $ 139,000 had you managed your funds without the help of a fund manager. That means there is $ 110,000 out there in someone else’s pocket, not yours.

    I ran the numbers with a future value calculator I found on the web. John Bogle’s numbers are general. They are not far from the actual numbers. In fact the actual numbers look a little worse than Jack Bogle’s general numbers.

    All that is required to put that $ 110,000 in your pocket is proper management of your funds.

  3. It is better u go for equity linked insurance Plan,even i have invested, in mutual fund u loose a lot.there is single premium policy in insurance..for more details email me..

  4. Hello Swarna

    This is Ibrar, Investment Advisor from Chennai.

    Investing is an ART.
    Successful investment needs FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

    I can surely say that this is not the right time to invest in mutual funds.
    May be good time will come soon in next 6 months.

    As a investment Advisor i should give you some facts.

    From last 20 decades EQUITY is the best performed (consistantly) asset class in the world.

    If u invest in EQUITY with long time horizon (by planning ur future)
    no asset class can surpass equities. I repeat and as per my opinion i can bet on that “no asset class can give u more than equities”.

    As far as my experience & analysis equities will give u more benifits compared to mutual funds & any other financial products like ULIP.

    If u would like to have personalised investment advise you can write to me. Depending on ur information and needs i will try to give the best investment ideas.
    My id is [email protected]

    Hope i have tried my level best to solve your query…

    Thanks & Regards

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