mutual fund investment?

i m an nri n wnt to invest abt 3 lac in mf looking for long term abut 3 yr or mor pl suggest me the best funds i hv visited my hsbc bank thy suggested me to go for 1 tempelton flexicap 2 hsbc india opp 3 pru icici dynamic 4. reliance growth pl comment on thm

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  1. as said, read rich dad n poor dad by robert kiyosaki.

    if you are interested in high returns, take risk and invest in stock market. other wise go for mutual funds.

    in mutual funds also you can take considerable risk by selecting small cap funds. design your portfolio so that it has both low risk and high risk funds.

    if you dont love to take risk at all, go for some tax savers like franklin templeton funds, sbi funds etc

    all the best.

  2. Mutual funds are now a days earns more. Risk diversification is the main advantage of mutual funds. HDFC mutual funds, Reliance etc good mutual funds.

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